A Few Minutes with a Shelter Cat ~ Benton-Franklin Humane Society, Kennewick WA

As you may or not know I’ve been volunteering my photography services to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, WA for about six years now. I show up there every Wednesday and get handed a listed of all the new arrivals to the shelter that need photos that will be posted on Petfinder or the Facebook page of the humane society.

After that I track down the pets that need photos, into the cat room I walk past the rows of cat and kitten enclosures looking at the cards hanging on the doors with their name on it and other information about the pet.

When I see this~

Tiger cat in cat, adoptable cat, shelter cat


A face like this stops me in my tracks.

He needs a word, a touch, or a hug. Tiger was not on my list today and he’s not a new arrival but, he wanted someone’s attention and he got it. I opened the door, gave him some chin scratches and let him out of his enclosure. I let him sit on the window sill for a few minutes, he was very happy with this and I was able to get some sweet photos of him.

tiger cat, shelter cat, tiger cat in window, looking outTiger-9794

After a few minutes I picked him up, loved on him some more and put him back in his enclosure, we both felt better after that.

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