Getting Great Expressions from Shelter Pets ~ Richland WA, Pet Photography

To me it’s all about making that connection and getting the best expression from the animal you are photographing. Most of my experience comes from photographing rescue animals because that’s what I’ve been doing for over six years now.

tortoiseshell cat, tortie cat, manx cat, Tortitude, Richland WA Pet Photographer, Cat Photographer Richland WA, Tri-cities WA Cat Photographer

Tootsie’s got Tortitude!


Sometimes the rescue dog or cat is so traumatized and frightened that making any unusual sound will scare them, in those cases moving slowly and giving lots of praise goes a long way towards getting the animal to relax and start showing you their true personality.

Black & White cat, Tuxedo cat, rescue cat, Richland WA, pet photography, Richland WA Cat photographer

Sometimes they  are already relaxed and ready to be silly & give you some crazy head tilts and fun expressions. I love making crazy sounds and watching their reaction. My specialty is my crying kitten imitation that I’ve perfected from volunteering at the humane society all these years.


In pet photography you can’t be shy when it comes to connecting with your subject; I make a lot of silly sounds and do lots of crawling around to get photos at the pets eye level.

Never in a million years would I have thought that this is the job I would end up with and absolutely love it.


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A Few Minutes with a Shelter Cat ~ Benton-Franklin Humane Society, Kennewick WA

As you may or not know I’ve been volunteering my photography services to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, WA for about six years now. I show up there every Wednesday and get handed a listed of all the new arrivals to the shelter that need photos that will be posted on Petfinder or the Facebook page of the humane society.

After that I track down the pets that need photos, into the cat room I walk past the rows of cat and kitten enclosures looking at the cards hanging on the doors with their name on it and other information about the pet.

When I see this~

Tiger cat in cat, adoptable cat, shelter cat


A face like this stops me in my tracks.

He needs a word, a touch, or a hug. Tiger was not on my list today and he’s not a new arrival but, he wanted someone’s attention and he got it. I opened the door, gave him some chin scratches and let him out of his enclosure. I let him sit on the window sill for a few minutes, he was very happy with this and I was able to get some sweet photos of him.

tiger cat, shelter cat, tiger cat in window, looking outTiger-9794

After a few minutes I picked him up, loved on him some more and put him back in his enclosure, we both felt better after that.

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