Coyote Ridge Dog Program ~ This is where I Spend One Day a Month~ Richland, WA Pet Photographer

For the past nine months I’ve been visiting the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center to photograph their monthly visit with Elaine Allison, dog trainer and Operations Manager at the Benton Franklin Humane Society.

I love photographing the progress of the dogs each month and observing the interactions between the handler’s and their dogs. The respect and love that the handler’s have for their dogs in training is awesome to see.

I’ve seen extremely shy and frightened dogs sent into the Ridge Dog program get transformed into happy, loving dogs eager to be adopted into their forever home.

This month we introduced puppies into the program, this means that these young pups will be introduced to a variety of stimuli at this early stage of life in order to make them less inclined of being frightened of new sounds and experiences. It’s called Early Neurological Stimulation and it’s how they will become “Super Puppies”.

The following photos are from the first day the puppies arrived at the Corrections Center.

Coyote Ridge Dogs, J. Devine, Richland Pet Photographer

Who doesn’t melt when they hold a puppy?


More photos from this visit can be seen here:

KNDU News was also visiting the Coyote Ridge Dog Program that day:  “Ridge Dogs” Program Expands: Monday, November 25th.


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