Kind Words

I am honored to work with such amazing pets & people!

Judy of J. Devine Photography, you are AMAZING! Coming to the facility to provide us with all these pictures…There’s just no words to thank you. Your creative efforts are a huge part of marketing our proud puppies so they find the perfect forever home. Lori Terriella


“Oh my God, this is the greatest picture! It’s so great to see a picture of him with his eye’s open! You must have the speed and reflexes of cat! I saw how much he was wiggling around! Thank you so much. I will try and send all my friends with dogs your way!” – Nick Lippold Re: Guinness

“Dear Judy….I met Honey’s forever family today. What a wonderful home she will get to live her life out in. The family is great! All thanks to YOU! The flyers I made up with your photography is what the mom said made her decide to call. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are truly a talented person whom I’m proud to call a friend, and YOU have definitely made a difference in this sweet little dogs life! Bless you!” – Kelly Merrick

The pictures came out even better than I could have hoped for. I can’t imagine how I am going to keep this a secret until Christmas! Thank you for being so great with Lucas and Jack. I can’t wait until Lucas gets bigger and we need updated pics. It was a wonderful experience. – Best regards, Megan Manning


Judy Devine-Geuther has given our two little guys their 15 minutes of fame. She arrived at our house armed with treats, multiple cameras, and the ability to get down on the floor at eye level with our two small dogs. She took many, many shots and it was hard to decide which was our favorite – all were great. Judy is calm, professional, and certainly knows how to put animals at their ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to capture the essence of their pet(s) on film. – Susan Mauk

In a shelter a photo can make, break or create a new home for an animal. Judy’s photos create new homes for animals every day. I know every animal in this facility, but on more than one occasion I have gotten up and went to look again after seeing one of her photos. That is how good they are. In particular the cat photos. How she manages to pull such magic out of them I have no idea, I am simply grateful that she does as I am sure the animals are too. I especially enjoy the ones that have kitten photo bombs and the pictures that she takes of the dogs at our inmate training program at Coyote Ridge Correctional Institute – Elaine Allison CPDT, KA-Operation Manager / Benton Franklin Humane Society, Kennewick, WA


Oh my Gosh, these photos are great !!! Thank you so very much! Our precious pets mean so much to people like you and me. I so wish I had known about you last summer before my beloved first Cavalier died. She was my heart. Helping animals find homes is obviously a joy for both you and I. I thank you for the really wonderful work that you do. – Judy Nelson,Richland, WA



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